Thursday, January 21

Friendster - MySpace - Facebook - Blogger. What's Next ?


Let’s take a walk down my e-world memory lane today, shall we ?

I can still remember clearly the year I officially started my Friendster. 2005. I was 16.
At that time, Friendster had a rule. Only people aged 16 and above can have an account. I’m not sure whether the rule is still there or not now though.
My school mates urged me to join Friendster by sending me plenty of e-mails advertising it.
I know it would be so-not-cool to reject an offer. Plus, Friendster was popular at that moment. It was an in thing to do. People without a Friendster account was said to be ketinggalan zaman.
I joined and realized many of my friends were cheating their birth years just in order to have a Friendster account. They were like kononnya 17, 18+.
I got hooked with Friendster for a while. Commenting people, learning how to edit layouts, posting blog-posts, learning to insert music codes. You name it.

And then I masuk college. There, Friendster was lapuk. It was so old-fashioned. Kononnya larh.
Everyone was crazy about MySpace. Everytime I step into the Cyber Café (CC) at college, most of the screens showed MySpace.
I was 18. And I teruja nak try-out MySpace larh. Plusss, most of my college friends didn’t have a Friendster account, so I had to have a MySpace account. I had to go their way.
And again, I got hooked.
It was those times where I really loved cam-whoring. And I really loved editing my cam-whore pictures. It was nice to see many comments on your real good edited pictures in MySpace. Get me ?
There was also a gila-gila edit layout during my MySpace time. I LOVED editing layouts. Like seriously LOVE-LOVE.
You cant really see my MySpace page with one particular layout for a long moment. Some of em’ don’t even tahan a few weeks.
I really loved the 1.0 compared to 2.0 designs. 2.0 was seriously x mencabar langsung.

During my MySpace time, I was invited by my school mates to reconnect through Facebook. So I joined.
I was not interested at all with Facebook during my first few months. I found it very complicating, very hard to use. Plus, I was unaware of the little red box on your right-hand side below ; the notification box.
Memang gelabah ayam larh bila first start using Facebook. Nak upload gambar x paham, nak comment org x reti, etc, etc,.
So, I paused on Facebook. I put a stop to it for a while.
I made my way back to MySpace. My love at that moment.

I loved posting blogs in MySpace too.
And there were those zaman’s where I posted up lyrics and music video of the current hit songs yang I suka.
And I continue main-main ngan layout codings, & edit gambar.
And I still continued main-main layout codings.
Main-main-main sampai I got bored. And I dah malas nak do anything with it.

I don’t know when it started, I went to Facebook back. And I got smart with Facebook. I know the selok-beloks and all.
I loved Facebook’s application, undeniably. I was a kaki game !
I played Pet Society, SuperPoke Pets, FarmVille, Restaurant City, Café World, Farm Town, Country Story, Roller Coaster Kingdom, Barn Buddy, Sorority Life, Mafia Wars, Friends For Sale, PetVille, What To Wear . . . & macam-macam lagi larh. The list is too long !
And there was a time when I got bored with certain games, I deleted the apps.
I took plenty of quizzes and such through Facebook too. Posted it on my FB wall. Wat menyemak je ;)

Skang, I dah bosan ngan the apps.
Maybe sbb I’m staying at home and helping aroung, so xde mood. And when I sit my ass for a while je kat the comp, my mom bising. Haha !
Lagi . . .  there were a few times my tanaman kat FarmVille & masakan at Café World rosak. Spoiling my mood to play it. Cause those were my two favorite apps.
Plus, my FarmVille dah jadi cam sampah after Christmas. Malas nak edit. Wee~

And then I noticed something through Facebook : my friends, a few of em’, started having their own blog. So, I was influenced by them to have a blog of my own too.
It became my 2010’s resolution. I want to have a decent blog. I want to keep in track of what I’m doing right & what I’m doing wrong.
Tapi . . . my blog-posts all now dah kind of mis-tracked from my original goal. I randomly started posting posts. Adalah satu dua pasal my personal life.

For now . . . I am hooked with Blogger. Yeah !
I still have lots to discover. I want to play-play ngan Blogger’s layout. I nak skodeng-skodeng tutorial’s which can make my Blogger look oh-so-stunning !

So yeah. Conclusion ; dari Friendster to MySpace ke Facebook dan akhirnya Blogger.
It all got me hooked. I wonder what’s next.

Note : I also have Hi5, Tagged, Webs, Xanga, Twitter . . . Tapi I’m not an addict to those. It didn’t succeed in hooking me up. LOL !


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