Thursday, May 27

Celebrities Who Stink.

Okay-okay. I don't dare to come up with a controversial topic mengutuking celebrities who stink. Cause as long as I've lived my life, I've never come that close to any celebrities till I can smell their body odor. Seriously.

Anyways, I Googled some celebrities up which I think might stink due to the type of photo taken. They were sweating in the photos. And we all know that the odor that arises when sweating is sheer mortification. So, sweating = stinks !

Robert Pattinson, heart throb of many teenage girls in the whole wide world caught sweating ! That isn't a good image to show. That couldn't be the smell of sex appeal ! Na-ah.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr was photographed sporting some unfortunate sweat patches under her arms while peddling her new perfume in LA. Don't you think she should think about promoting deodorant instead ? Oh well, she's only human. And she's not the first star to be snapped looking sweaty . . .

Wanna see more sweaty celebrities ? See all ; here.

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Conclusion, body odor is the first step to a perfect grooming. No one is born with an everlasting natural scent. I repeat ; no one. When we sweat we don’t smell so nice. If you don’t do something about it, people will keep a distance from you because no one likes smelly body odor. So, whatcha waiting for ? Grab an Adidas Action 3 today !

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et said...

oh.kena pandai pilih material and kaler baju la laen kali if xnak nmpk sweat segala.huhu.