Monday, May 24

My Wiggy Design.

Late again for instant cash blogging. Aiyooo, I rasa I dah takleh ngam with Project Alpha's instant cash blogging anymore already larh. Busy tersangat-sangat di rumah. Haha ! But then kan, this week's entry requirements amat larh menarik and I just had to participate . . . LOL ;)
Create an image to tell us how you’d like your Wiggy to look like! Make it star-shaped, covered in stripes, encrusted with diamonds… you get the idea. Let your imagination loose!
Okay, you are most welcome to barf at your respected computers and laptops lepas seeing my cute-mute wiggy design. Heh ;)

Kan best kalau there is such pen drive, thumb drive, dan sama waktu dengannya with a shape of heart. And perhaps with one or two blings on top of it, like the gambar above. Emh, yeah. Those are supposed to be blings. You know, shiny-shiny diamond kinda things.

My wiggy kan designed with Photoshop + Photoscape, so tak nampak larh ke'bling'an sebenar dia. Hah ! ;) Aku suka my design walaupun agak keburukan. Korang ?

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Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

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wah...kreatifnyer...gud luk^_^

Anonymous said...

wah yang ini memang lovely abis..mesti dapat tempat dihati gadis2

Mummy Dasy said...

same lorrr... missed semalamnye dah nak maghrib masa tu cbuk ngan keje umah pastu ble on lappy tgk dah 40++ part. cancel trs nak join

Nur -al- Ain said...

kite pun miss ;(

MuNsYi SaMa said...

xpenah wat instant cash..xsempat lol..dh tlepas byk episode