Wednesday, February 10

Berbaloi Ker ?

I ada apply for kerja a few day ago. Al-maklumlah semenjak abis kolej duk umah membesarkan bontot jer. Parents pun dah meluat tengok. Haha ! And the good thing is, I dapat positive feedback from 2 places yang I apply. Satu tuition and another one is some telecommunication company.

Yang tuition tu, called me for an interview today at 2.30 PM. I went. I faced it. The guy who interviewed me and I had a half an hour talk. He asked me macam-macam and told me to isi a borang.

The work there is nothing tau. Clerk, kerani. All you gotta do is photostat document, call the students parents, write out letters, accept tuition fees & etc.

Now ; the working hour. Monday is holiday. Tuesday to Friday the work is from 11.30 AM to 8.00 PM. And, Saturday & Sunday is also a working day too from 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM ! Ohh my . . .

The salary is RM 1,000 because I will be kononnya under probation. And after 3 months, they might have an increase on it and will give me EPF & Sos apa ntah. The question is :

My family members & friends think its not worth it. Even I do, actually. The guy told me I can start working starting tomorrow. And he told me to call back confirming whether I want the job or not. Hmm.

There's another interview coming up tomorrow at 11.00 AM. The telecommunication company. My family members & friends are urging me to try that one out first before answering to the tuition. Hmm. I wonder how will this one go.

Now ; I'm confused. What am I supposed to reason to that tuition guy ? And I takut gak kalau I tolak that offer, and the telecommunication one pula tak dapat. Bukan ker sayang camtu ? Haih~


kenwooi said...

rm1k for probation is kinda low.. >.<

sнaк said...

Hmm. I thought so too . . .
Plus, the working hour is just too excessive. Haih~

mrdzy said...

EMM~ susah gak kalau ada pilihan yang mencelarukan kepala kan? haha~ kesian..nasib baik aku belajar lagi tapi pada pemikiran kontot aku la,better try for 1st jobs! better than have no jobs right? for the telecomunication tu,tengok la tele apa? kalau something worth to try,go for it girl! kalau 2-2 tak dapat,tu la namanye pengalaman~

sнaк said...

Haa. Risky betul, kan ?
Tension worh. Haih~