Thursday, April 22

My Dream Destination.

If people asked me what was my dream destination when I was 17 years old, I would have said the Seven Wonders of the World. Why so ? Cause it is the seven wonders, the best out of the rest - duh !

But if you ask me now, what is my dream destination - Dubai is the answer. Why so ?

The stunning sea beaches, the lavish resorts, the paramount of shopping experience and the flavor of tradition have all made Dubai city the ultimate haven for delightful living for citizens and travelers alike.

Dubai is perhaps one of the most sought after cities in terms of commerce, tourism and even residency. This former desert city is developing at par with its other modern counterparts. Despite retaining its culture and tradition, you will see, Dubai has lived up to the growing demands of the contemporary world.

And if I'm going there, I'll definitely blog up all the traveling experience at Mas Traveller. Dubai will undeniably be an amazing holiday destination that I will just have to share ! But then again, sharing is caring, right ?

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