Wednesday, April 28

Road Trip With My Broadband.

Remember my favourite sport of all time ? Yeah, the one where I reveal surfing the net is my kind of sport . . . Well, I have to admit this : I can't live without the internet. The internet is like a part of me. Without it, I feel incomplete.

I have this obsession where I have to be online at least about an hour a day. It doesn't matter whether I am listening to music, watching movies, reading news, blogging, or any other thing - I just gotta be online. An obsession it is, right ?

One sad thing I face sometimes, is when I have a road trip to somewhere, anywhere . . . I for sure terpaksa forget about my obsession. Because the place where I visit frequently, doesn't provide any kind of internet connection. Music, movies, news, blogging and yadda-yadda-yadda have to be sacrificed just like that. Sigh~

Ohh wait, there might be a perfect solution to this !

P1 proudly brings you P1 W1Max, the service where you can surf on their high-speed wireless broadband network with the ease of a plug-and-play modem.

I love surfing on the internet where the internet provided's speed is really high. Jangan sibuk nak tanya why larh. You guys pun mesti nak high-speed internet gak kan ? Baru syok sikit being online. Kalau tak kejap² stuck, kejap² loading lambat dan sama waktu dengannya. Memang rasa tak puas hati larh bila guna. Kan, kan, kan ?

So, P1 W1Max is definitely the solution to my type of broadband for a road trip.

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Ateen said...

i x minat P1, slow lar connection die..