Monday, April 5

My Favourite Sport.

My favourite sport of all time is undeniably surfing the net. Ohh wait ! Is that even counted as a sport ? Well – my fingers move, my brain thinks, and I get into a lot of pressure if I couldn’t come up with a post for the viewers. It’s like how sportsmen/women get tensed up if they couldn’t win a race or a competition. So, surfing the net can kinda be counted as a sport, right ? Kalau tak right pun, right kan je larh ! Haha ;)

There are just one too many things to like about surfing the net. You get to play internet games, watch movies, listen music, find friends, networking, search reference for education/research, blog, e-mailing, online chatting, booking holidays, shopping, find a date, and even earn MONEY ! Lots and lots of things to like about surfing the net !

What I like best about surfing the net is I get to keep in touch with my old friends. The minute I get online, I will for sure log in to my Facebook [FB] account. With over 300++ million members worldwide, FB dominates the social networking. It allows you to share photos, catch up with all the latest news from friends, relatives and old schoolmates. I also love playing games through FB !

Again I wanna tell, I don't know whether surfing the net is counted as a sport or not [I hardly think it is], but that's what I love doing best ! What say you ?

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