Wednesday, March 24

AirAsia - So Wrong.

For some personal family reason, my dad terpaksa take a short trip to India. Again I tekankan - terpaksa. Ye larh, my sis kan preggy. Any time soon she dah boleh keluarkan the baby. At least that's what the doc told my mom today morning when they went for the weekly check-up.

The mode of transportation is of course - flight. And we wanted to book a ticket through AirAsia. Why AirAsia ? Sebab that's the only flight yang akan drop my dad dekat dengan our kampung. Kalau amik MAS, they'll drop him at the city, Madras. And dari sana ke our kampung - agak jauh. Might take almost a day. So, AirAsia it is.

During the time when me, my sister, my dad and my abang ipar was looking through AirAsia's flight time, price and such - something went wrong. So wrong actually. We definitely agreed on going 27 coming back 31. And the price ticket was at first RM 793. Menyesal tak amik print screen at that time.

Bila dah double-triple confirm sesangat, my abang ipar went to the bank to masukkan RM 800 in his  account. Sebab we wanted to buy the ticket through online. It took him about one hour or so larh to go and come back from the bank.

And so, bila kitaorang nak start buat the transaction, the page yang memang kitaorang dah surf in the early tu - went into error mode. Dia kata you gotta masukkan balik the data, this and that.

Masuk-masuk the data - the price suddenly showed RM 873. Tak sampai sejam kott, naik up to RM 80 teros ! Yang ini I amik print screen, cause tiba-tiba ter-nak buat a blog post about this.

Sebab dah terpaksa sesangat that my dad has to go to India, my abang ipar terpaksa pergi to the bank again and terpaksa put in another RM 100. Lemme tell ya something, my abang ipar punya bank most of the time kosong jer - for his own personal reason (scam, etc).

He came back from the bank half an hour or so. Lebih cepat dari his first trip. Sebab his first trip to the bank, he terpaksa stop by at my cousin's school to pick him up.

Bila abang ipar I dah balik ke rumah - kitaorang pun meneruskan the transaction yang tergendala kejap tadi. And guess what ? The damn price for the ticket naik lagi up to RM 78 !

Memang the look on my dad dah change dah that time. Nak pergi India for 5 days only, gotta pay RM 951. Almost a thousand tu ! Haih~ But then again, terpaksa.

Lagi sekali my abang ipar went to the bank. And banked in. And came home. And kitaorang sambung the transaction. Finally, it finished. So, the damn price of AirAsia's flight to India on 27 to 31, two-ways, is RM 951. Terpaksa. I didn't print screen this one, but a part of the confirmed ticket down here is the proof.

Click on the image for a larger view.

So, why is AirAsia so wrong like this ? Why the price changed time to time ? Tak sampai three hours pun kott, changed and changed again. Buat my abang ipar ke hulu ke hilir. Buat kitaorang ini risau tak tentu. Buat my dad and my mom upset because of the price yang tetiba so high for just a 5 days trip. Ohh my !

So, apa pandangan korang tentang apa yang menimpa my family ? Pernah tak situasi sebegini terjadi kat you all ?

Note : Bukan main panjang lagi this entry. Haha !