Sunday, March 21

Happy Birthday To Me, Myself & I.

On 21 March 1989, a baby girl was born without any flaws. Sakira was the name chosen to give by her parents. 21 years have passed by, in-front of her very own eyes. Witnessing the ups and downs a normal family would have to go through.
Though she was born flawless, year and years passed by where she created some certain flaws in herself. Now, all those mistakes, all those paths she has taken cannot be undone. She has to go through with what she've asked for.

Okay-okay. Enough with the random typos. Happy 21st birthday to me, myself and I - Sakira ! Mwahahaha. Jobless, am I not ? Haha ! But yeah - just a reminder to myself, I'm older by a year already. It's time to think wise and act well. Right ?