Wednesday, March 31

Mengatasi Tekanan Berblogging.

This month - March - I had an azam, I nak wat at least two entries per day because that's a real good way to menjana traffic. Rujuk balik my previous entry 1 Tactic Untuk Meningkatkan Blog Traffic Korang for more info. Thank god - I succeeded. But [itu dia !] . . . halfway through the month I menghadapi tekanan untuk menghasilkan a good entry twice per day. And it made my semangat in blogging turun. Luntur. Whatever you name it.

Maybe it was because I needed to juggle between my work and my blog, I didn't have the time to relax my mind. The thought to menghasilkan two entries per day always nagged me making me to think and think of an entry. Ye larh, I don't really do personal posts all the time and I kinda hate doing it, so I will be blank in coming up with a personal entry.

Thanx to Yus and Nazrien in their post Bagaimana Mengatasi Tekanan Dalam Berblog and 5 Tekanan Yang Akan Melunturkan Semangat Blogging Dan Cara Penyelesaiannya I decided to reduce my entries starting April. Ye larh, both of them said most of the time we deal with pressure during blogging because of us wanting to come up with a good entry. And I have to 100% agree with that. Memang pressure gila.

So yeah, starting April I'm going back to one entry per day. Dengan ini, I won't have the pressure to come up with two post a day and also I can focus myself on blogwalking and commenting other people's post. This is done to menjana my traffic.