Friday, March 26

Tanpa Geng Blogger.

Some say it was because ada pengguna Geng Blogger [GB] yang tidak bertanggungjawab and some say because of penukaran server GB ; that GB was down for a few days. And these few days for me adalah the days in my blogging life yang I paling tak suka. Because I am a frequent pengguna of GB, nonetheless.

I have to tell you all something, the tagline yang Ariff cipta tu - is 100% true. Geng Blogger - Komuniti Blogger Anda. Memang tanpa that community, I tak dapat nak menjalankan my normal blogwalking melalui GB, mengpromotekan my entry melalui GB, and menjana my traffic melalui GB like what I said in my previous entry Akibat Tidak Menggunakan GengBlogger & Blogwalking.

I am not a blogger otai, blogger tegar, or blogger famous amos. For me to menjana 100+ unique visitors a day, is susah. I have to do frequent blogwalking to menjana it. My normal unique visitor yang masuk-keluar to my blog is just about 25 or so. Rendah gila kan ? Haha ! But yeah, that's the truth. Gotta face it no matter what.

So, thank god Geng Blogger dah normal balik. Walaupun still ada a little fixing for them to do here and there. I gotta just be patience. Sabar Sakira, sabar. Haha ! But anyways, I like the picture Geng Blogger came up with - cute. Whatcha think ?

Click on the image for a larger view.

Geng Blogger, komuniti blogger saya ! Please pulih sepenuhnya balik ! I miss you like crazy dowh. Memang I've been living a dreading blogger life for these past few days. I need to ping-ping, and an effective ping. Please come back. Haha !

For those yang belum join Geng Blogger lagi, rajin-rajinkan larh diri untuk mengjoin. It's good, nonetheless. Just go here.