Tuesday, March 30

Learn And Forget.

I was suddenly triggered into writing an entry today on a Facebook [FB] fan-page when I became a fan of I learn something. I take the test. I pass it. I forget what I learned.

I mean, try think logically - we go to school and college. We take a course that we feel like doing. We learn what we have to learn in that course. We take the test and pass it. And after we're done with the whole course, we tend to forget what we learned.

And sometimes we learn, we take the test, we forget what we learn during the test, but pass it through somehow. This undeniably happened to me when I was doing my Cyberpreneurship's test. I was really 100% sure I learned and kinda memorized everything in order to answer the test, but during the test hours - I was blank. 

Some people claimed going to colleges and learning the subject you gotta learn will teach you a certain something during your working life. I have to agree that it's kinda true cause we will do apply some terms  and actions during our working time.

But don't you think it's real funny when we tend to forget what we learn ? I think it's funny. Sometimes I wonder, why study if we're going to forget about it ? Ohh wait. I know the answer. Without education you wont get a job. Duh !

Note : Tetiba I dapat idea - nak wat terjah-terjah to do with Facebook larh. Dari segi applications, fan-page, group ; apa-apa yang otak I rasa menarik and tangan ini nak menulis. But I gotta think of a suitable title for it.

+ Note : Baru perasan ! My entry above is fully in English.

Question : Apa pendapat korang ? Shall I do it ? And what is the suitable title for it ?