Wednesday, March 24

Award, Layakkah Saya ?

Saya telah diberi award yang sama tiga kali berturut-turut oleh Sally, Khadijah, dan Fiza. And I've planned to menjawab the award and actually - tag, in one shot. For those who bagi me this award, you're blog is also beautiful - nonetheless.

But, in order to menerima this award officially, ada syarat-syarat dia tersendiri. Antaranya ialah :
  1. Thank and link the person that gave you the award.
  2. Copy the award and place it on your blog.
  3. State 7 things about yourself.
  4. Pass this award onto 7 other bloggers that you've recently discover and think are fantastic.
I admit that I've tukar the syarat-syarat yang originally were to be found at those three blogs yang have rewarded me. Because I thought, "Hey, 15 is a little too much". So, I Googled for beautiful blogger award. Dan sememangnya this award-tag thing, actually, originated from orang luar negara. So, I ikut-ed their original rules and regulations larh.

7 Things About Sakira.
  1. I just turned 21 on 21st March 2010. [The numbers are nice, isn't it ?]
  2. I am sensitive.
  3. I smile a lot.
  4. I love making new friends.
  5. I started liking pink because of my blog.
  6. I am shy when you first meet me, but try a few weeks together.
  7. I am actually talkative. [Sambungan to no. 6] 
These are the 7 bloggers which I personally think they deserve the Beautiful Blogger Award. Undeniably because of their layout. Those who aren't choosen, don't be sedih . . . you're blogs are beautiful as well. Some are more beautifull-er than mine.
Sama ada I layak atau tidak untuk menerima this award, I tak tau. But I do know that all those 7 bloggers I've mentioned above deserved it :)

Note : I am sure there are more bloggers out there yang deserve this award. But sorry - saya hanya dapat memberi award ini kepada 7 orang. And the first 7 that came into my mind were those people.