Monday, March 29

Mengapa Saya Suka Hospital Kuala Lumpur [HKL].

Saya jatuh sakit. A few weeks already actually. Recovering, tapi am still sakit. Jatuh sakit as in like demam, selsema, batuk dan sama waktu dengannya. Bukan sakit jatuh cinta, sakit jatuh hati, sakit jatuh tangga, dan sama waktu dengannya.

If you've realized ; I've been posting up my forwarded e-mails jer in the past few blog-posts. I cannot come up with better posts. Couldn't think-up of anything to write. Couldn't come up with the blogging-mood. Sigh~

But anyways, sedang bersick-sick ini I wanted to share a little something to you readers out there. About why I like to go for check-ups for any type of sickness di Hospital Kuala Lumpur [HKL]. Yes, saya suka pergi sana walaupun ramai orang. Why ekk ?

Hanya bayar RM 1 and you boleh diperiksa oleh the doctor and also dapat the ubat for your sickness. Just RM 1 ! Sebelum ini bila I sick-sick, kerap ke private clinics. And one visit will at least cost about RM 20. For the check-up and the ubat sekali of course.

That is the only reason why I suka HKL. It's real cheap. Plus, the service and the ubat yang diberi oleh the HKL doctors are the same as the private clinics ones. Believe me, cause I've went to both. And I've makan the same jenama punya ubat. One which I paid RM 1 and another for RM 20.

But I gotta tell you one thing larh ; private clinics are more cleaner than HKL. So yeah, the above reason is the only reason why I suka HKL. Ini adalah entry saya yang entah apa-apa. Don't mind it. Fullstop.