Tuesday, March 23

Usaha Saya Yang Tak Sia-Sia.

Ingat tak tutorial saya mengenai mengcreate a 125 x 125 banner dengan menggunakan the free software - PhotoScape. Kalau tak ingat . . . rujuk balik sini to refresh your memory - How To Create Flash Banner Using PhotoScape. Hehe :)

Well, usaha saya dalam mengcreate that tutorial sememangnya tak sia-sia. Sebab dah ada orang Google !

Keywords for SakiraLicious - March 23, 2010.
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Please don't mind the lucah's.

I mengaku that it took me more than a day to come-up with that tutorial. Sebab I had to fikir and fikir bagaimana I am gonna teach you readers in the simplest form on how to create a flash banner by using PhotoScape ; if possible. Solution : draw up pictures using PhotoScape - create a video using Windows Movie Maker - upload it into YouTube.

Well . . . I think I was satisfied with my tutorial. Tapi tak tau larh sama ada you readers out there were satisfied too or not. Because I didn't really get a feedback saying that you guys had tried to create a flash banner by using my tutorial. Except for a person, Aleeya. But she randomly created a flash banner it seems. Hehe :)

So, again I wanna ask you people. That is, if you have read my tutorial post - what do you think of my video-tutorial ?