Saturday, April 10

E-mail Nuffnang, Maksud & Reaksi Bloggers.

I know, I know. Cerita ini memang dah friggin lapuk. There was just one too many bloggers blogging about this entry like - weeks ago. Kan ? But then again . . . I still wanna share it with you guys out there. Sebab ? I'll tell you later in this post.

Click on the image for a clearer view.

Aku baca e-mail ini sekali, dua kali. Tiga-empat-lima kali. And I finally clearly got to know the main message yang Nuff ingin sampaikan. The e-mail is sent to create an awareness on certain groups which have been comitting click fraud.

Ohh wait, kau tak dapat e-mail ini ? Maybe sebab kau tak pernah buat fraud click kot. Cheh ! ;)


What is fraud click ?

Fraud click is defined as clicking on CPC advertisements intentionally just to generate earnings for a blog’s owner.

Apa itu klik penipuan ?

Klik penipuan didefinasikan sebagai pengklikan pada iklan-iklan CPC dengan sengaja untuk menjana pendapatan bagi pemilik sesebuah blog.


Advertisements daripada Nuff sepatutnya hanya diklik apabila the viewer is actually interested to find out more about that certain ad. Bukan dengan niat untuk menjana pendapatan !

Ramai yang still tak faham-faham dengan this e-mail from Nuff. Dorang (fraud clickers) are still actively clicking away Nuff's ads. Later on dorang shout out at the blog owner's tagboard hoping that the blog owner will click back on their ads too.

Macam mana aku tahu ini ? I used to be a fraud clicker myself when I firstly joined Nuff. I used to tinggalkan jejak yang I actually clicked on the blog owner's Nuff ads. I used to click back Nuff's ads in those blogs yang telah (kononnya) clicked on my ads. I used to. Used to.

But that was like (maybe) months ago ? But then again, I'm still new. Baru genap 3 bulan berblogging. But I learned many things from senior bloggers, senior Nuffnangers and find out that all the wrong-doings that I've been doing - are just so wrong !

Aku dah kind of insaf in being a fraud clicker the moment I read senior's post and comments and you-name-it ! And sekarang, after receiving the e-mail from Nuff, bertambah-tambah insaf. And kind of like bersyukur to those seniors yang telah mengsharing their two cents on this issue. Like, way before Nuff's e-mail.

Ada yang cakap 'How will we earn money if we don't click-click ?'. Ada yang cakap 'What's the point of CPC if it isn't for clicking ?'. Dan sama waktu dengannya. This issue sememangnya dapat many kind of reactions from bloggers. Can't blame them cause they are right in a way. But Nuff is also right, bukan ?

Anyways, there were some yang insaf right on dot like me. And there are still some yang belum insaf-insaf lagi. Ohh wait, is insaf the right word to be used for this matter ? Screw it. Korang tahu kan apa yang aku cuba nak sampaikan ?