Sunday, April 18

Journal : Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair [Part 1].

* Warning : This entry is solely based on what I went through and felt during the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair [GDSF]. It's a personal journal entry of mine. If you are not interested to read it, do read this. It is a short brief that covers about just everything of GDSF.

10.25 AM - Registering. I actually queued up in the wrong line ! Was at the 'T' row, and when my turn came up the woman at the counter nicely said "Sorry, you're supposed to be on the other line." Damnit ! Tapi, I selit masuk jer to the S line. Nasib baik takde orang yang menjerit di belakang. Hehe :)

Personal comment to the event arranger, next time pastikan there's a divider between the counters.  Or taruk a big banner sign yang says which counter is which. Was kinda disappointing to see the line yang kacau-bilau. Honestly. But yet, I don't blame you guys. Cause it was the first largest bloggers gathering held ;)

11.06 AM - Had my partner take a picture of myself with the GDSF backdrop after the official picture with the whole lot of bloggers. Ohh wait, there are some faces I kenal behind me !

Kak Ina KL, Jai, MelRomeo, and DarkBatman are some bloggers yang famous-amos in blogging arena. I've read their blogs before. That's why I dapat cam muka dorang. I'm ashamed of myself sebab takde enough courage to go strike up a conversation with them or amik gambar with them or . . . you name it ! But then again, I am shy.

Picture credit : Eyriqazz.

11.30 AM -  The gathering was officially recorded in The Malaysia Book of Records [MBR] to have about 518 bloggers participating. Which I don't think so was the truth. Cause I assume, many of us may have forgotten to take the MBR sticker number outside the changing room. Yeah, there was a changing room at the fair.

The first half an hour after me and my partner changed our clothes at the toilet, we didn't realize the existence of the sticker. After seeing many bloggers around having it sticked on either on their shoulder or their chest, we became curious. And we asked one really friendly blogger beside us about it, and he told us to get it nearby the changing room. Menyesal tak amik that blogger punya blog address. Sigh~

11.48 AM - The street fair was officially launched by the strong people from Gatsby, MBR and Nuffnang. I really personally adored the emcee of the fair. The way he conducted out his speech was very spontaneous, funny, friendly, witty kinda thing.

Okay, that's all for now. Do wait for my Part 2 !


Anonymous said...

i pon shy dgn otai2 tu. X sabat nak tgk part 2.

I n n z said...

my fren keep saying n pointing at u.
"its sakiralicious"
but unfortunately, i dun noe u yet.
this is my first time be in ur blog =)

nice to see u are there yesterday.
even though tak tego =D

Ery Farieha said...

i x shy2 dgn otai2 tu. tp dorg cam sibuk gile kot!

Anonymous said...

aah. diorang sibuk ler semalam

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

HELLO~ u saw me ah!!! haha *happy*

See u next time, remember call me out ya! it will be nice to know each other!

wawan said...

thats me depan darkbatman & melz! =P

tapi aku hanyalah belog picisan

jfook said...

Great event but I missed it. :(

Rye said...

jeles xdpt join.ggrr!!

*~ eLiEnZ 87 ~* said...

OMG!! jelez nyeeee

Sakira said...

Shy memang shy. Tapi ada sorang yang tegur I. Memang friendly larh blogger itu !

Siapa dia ? Nantikan part 2 :)

Sakira said...

Kaizen ? One of the bloggers yang I cam kat sana yang dah tahu kat blogging arena.
Unfortunately, I shy-shy nak tegur dia. LOL !

Sakira said...

Good to know anda tak shy-shy. Boleh jer strike up a convo with them bila-bila kan ? :)

Sakira said...

Will do ! But guess what, I forgot your name when I was there.
All I remembered was Ugly Cooking. I was afraid to call you by that name though. LOL !

Sakira said...

Just wait for your time, and you'll be up juga :)

Sakira said...

JFook, Rye & Elienz : There'll be a next time. Don't worry ;)

MuNsYi SaMa said...

I bet if I go, no one will know me. hehe

atreyu strange said...

Next time you see me, you tegur oke.

*Bajet femes* HAHAHAHA!!!

Anonymous said...

agree wit munsyi sama...hahaha

Sakira said...

No one knew-ed me too. LOL.
Tapi main bedal jer pergi. It's all an experience. An unforgettable one :)

Sakira said...

Will do, madam ! :)

Mummy Zara Sofea said...

great event by nuffnang.!!!

1st time joiin event wif nuffnang ..

Anonymous said...

i think i read about that yesterday on nyt