Tuesday, April 20

Journal : Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair [Part 2].

* Warning : This entry is solely based on what I went through and felt during the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair [GDSF]. It's a personal journal entry of mine. If you are not interested to read it, do read this. It is a short brief that covers about just everything of GDSF.

* Note : This entry is a sambungan. Read the first part here.

500+ bloggers cramming up to hear the speech from the street fair's organizers.
Ohh, wait. Is that you Carl ?

 The strong people from Gatsby, The Malaysia Book of Records [MBR] and Nuffnang officially launching the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair [GDSF].

11.58 AM - After the official launch me and my partner did the disappearing act. We went away to Lowyat for a while to get a few stuffs. But, without us realizing we actually abiskan about one hour or so di sana. Gambar di atas was taken at the Times punya bridge. Nampak cam semut merah dowh ! Heh ;)

1.10 PM - After coming from Lowyat, we headed terus ke Subway. Perut kekosongan benar. Dari pagi tak makan apa-apa sebab GDSF punya pasal. LOL ! Lepas finishing up the sub of the day (something to do with crabs), me and my partner had a girly talk. Until this one girl came asking us for donation. Terus we left the place saying nicely to that girl we needed to head somewhere else. Kejam tak ?

1.50 PM - Dah masuk balik the street fair, tunggu apa lagi . . . Kasi hantam sama itu games dorang prepare for us bloggers larh kan ?

Each game bila di-main and dimenang - dapat kumpul 2 Gatsby points. And the game organizers said, those points can be later on used to redeem Gatsby prizes. Aku dengan my partner, walaupun both of us were girls, tidak ketinggalan dalam mengumpuling the points.

But, we had our limits though. Penat, kott !

3.00 PM - Time sedang bermain-main around, there was this girl blogger yang tetiba datang tegur I. Nampaknya she pernah drop by my page when I pinged my post kat GengBlogger dulu-dulu. A nice friendly blogger she is, Ilyani.

If korang terjah her page, don't forget to read her Gatsby entry. Memang smart larh cara penangkapan gambar and story telling from her ! Jealous I. Hehe :)

3.10 PM - Whoaaa . . . dapat jumpa Eyriqazz ! One of my daily reads ! Teruja kejap. Haha.

When we first kinda had eye contact (chewah !) I terus smiled. I memang kalau ada tereye-contact dengan sesiapa, I smile. Tak nak larh tunjuk muka murung yang entah apa-apa kan ?

He kinda recognized my face I guess, so he terus datang tegur. We had a brief chit-chat of him asking me 'Naik apa ?', 'Dapat tak top-up hari itu ?' and such. I memang ter-ada nak tanya him some questions, tapi tak tertanya. Cause he's a guy and I'm a girl, can I make it anymore obvious ? I shy-shy ohh !

But this I can guarantee you - Eyriqazz is  undeniably a friendly blogger. InsyaAllah if I ada the chance to meet him again in the future, akan ku cuba untuk adakan a livelier chit-chat with him. Hehe :)

4.20 PM - Me and my partner dah letih gila-gila after playing the games at the fair. We sat around, camwhoring kejap. That was after redeeming the Gatsby prizes with our terkumpul punya Gatsby points. Nasib kitaorang redeem awal-awal, sebab after us there was a real long queue.

Those were the stuffs yang I bawa balik after redeeming by exchanging the 34 Gatsby points yang dikumpulkan at the fair. Only satu benda I redeemed for myself. Yeah, the Gatsby oil clear sheet. Yang tiga benda lain tu, I gave my brother. Haha !

Ohh btw, there were lucky draws. Out of 518+ bloggers yang participate di situ, 20 lucky ones walked away with great prizes. And of course, I walked away empty handed. I don't have luck by my side most of the time. Sigh~

So, that was just about everything yang happened to me on last Saturday during the GDSF. I found it as a real unforgettable experience in my whole life since it was my officially first Nuffnang punya event. I hope Nuffnang will re-do this kinda large bloggers gathering in the future. What do you say ?


MyaFiza said...

best baca cerita u pegi event gatsby.
frust gak tak dapat nak join sama.
hope lepas ni i ada peluang nak join event nuff yg lain.

budakhitam said...

i've updated that too!! but not in series but version i guess

Aidi-Safuan said...

wah..banyaknyer amek gambar. xde gambar aidi-safuan pon. sedih2. :(

ilyani said...

yey yey I see my pic here :P
hehehe. nice journals, siap buat few parts lagik :)

oh darn i should have had subway jugak aritu.. but sempat mc donalds je ngan other bloggers geng :)

mybe nanti event lain we'll meet again kay! ^_^