Saturday, April 17

Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair - FAIL !

Yeah. Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair from my point of view was a FAIL ! Why ? The answer will be at the end of this very simple post.

The largest bloggers gathering with Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair was held today at Times Square starting from 10.00 AM, as you all already know.

And some of you maybe did not know one fact about this gathering - it actually is recorded as the first ever largest bloggers gathering in The Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) with over 500 bloggers participating in it.

 The strong people from Gatsby, MBR and Nuffnang.

There were many games prepared for all the bloggers to take part and earn points which later on could be redeemed for one of the many Gatsby products.

So, how did Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair FAIL ? Ohh, sorry. FAIL di sini bukan maksudnya gagal. FAIL that I'm applying is :
  • Fun : All the activities prepared by Nuffnang and Gatsby was really attractive and never left us feeling bored, except for fun.
  • Amazing : It is really amazing to see 500+ people crowding up Times Square with striking red shirts !
  • Interesting : The games, the lucky draws, the people made it real interesting to go on participating at the event.
  • Lovable : Of course ! Nuffnang is lovable just a little bit more with this everlasting memory they gave us 500+ bloggers :)
So, don't you agree now that the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair was a FAIL ?

Note : I'm so friggin tired today. So, ini je larh yang I could offer for now. Nantikan di sebalik tabir Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair from me. LOL !


KaiZeN SHiNoBi said...

rasanya tadi macam nampak.. tapi takut salah orang... huuhuh

Ery Farieha said...

i was there :)

Merryn said...

cool babe.. i think it FAIL too :D I was there too :D

sillyloo said...

wahhhh serunuk nyer dpt g ;P

*~ eLiEnZ 87 ~* said...

alahai,, jeles nyee


wah, dapat tak any freebie or prizes?? kongsi a sket :)

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fauziibrahim said...

Nice title for your post.. I make me want to find out more why you said it FAIL? hahahah lol..

Yup it was considered "FAIL"
Fail to make me go home early
Fail to make me feel bored
Fail to make me think that the event was FAIL..

So I am on you side... the event was FAIL lol.........

MuNsYi SaMa said...

wow..sounds fun..too bad I was in Malacca. =(

cikgadis said...

ok fine..ko pegi pula tu..
aishooooo! sgt jeles ni~
huhuhu mesti best kan? wuwuwuuwuwuwuww

darkbatman said...

salam kenal..hehe

Sakira said...

Saya pun nampak, tapi malu nak tegur. Hehe :)

Sakira said...

Freebies - of course dapat. Lepas main game-game di sana larh. Nantikan post di sebalik tabir Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair saya yep ? Hehe :)

Sakira said...

Your quotes are true enough !

Sakira said...

I nampak you ngan your black Batman shirt. Very easy to know who's the owner of ;)

ilyani said...

hey i met you yesterday! just made my post on the event, your pic included! ;)

budleee said...

well i guess you know how to attract people to your blog then :))

it was FAIL for me too..

jfook said...

OWH, fun, amazing, interesting, lovable! :)

Anonymous said...

oh. ko pun ada gak
sayang x kenal... kalau x leh tego2

DaHLia said...

debar je kata FAIL :)

ParkAir said...

seronotnya bleh g.. kalu dekat aku pun join. apakan daya..

budakhitam said...


Borrowed your words and add two of mine=P
I got no pic=(

sop said...

sy pun penat sampai tak ingat.. tp seronok!

Nurul Harun said...

nurul x g pun. hmph!

Sakira said...

Hey, thanq darl ! Really appreciate your courage. I malu-malu, clueless a bit at that moment. Hehe :)

Sakira said...

It's okay. I'm sure Nuff will conduct more event in the future. Just make sure you're free on that day ! :)

Sakira said...

Jgn jeles-jeles. Nanti dapat larh your opportunity untuk g Nuff's event ;)

Memang best. Pasal tu larh it FAILed.

Sakira said...

Memang sayang. Actually should have a ice breaking kinda game. Baru semua blogger dapat berinteract with each other. Bukan ?

Sakira said...

I mmg bernasib baik cause they held it at Times. Senang jer nak g sne.

Kalau before this dorang asyik ada the movie screenings at Cathay larh, and all unknown places to me. And some more - pada waktu malam.

This street fair was the only good place and timing kinda thing for me. LOL !

You jangan risau, I'm sure there'll be many more Nuff's event to come in the future. Who know's you leh participate ? :)

Sakira said...

Why tak amik pictures ? Sayang kott !

Hasrol Nizam said...

tak dapat nak time ada event i'll be there lah.. :D