Friday, April 16

Yuda Di Padang Maya, Voucher RM 10 & TopUp RM 30.

Ini entry sudah lama di-draft. Cuma wondered too much whether should I publish it or not kinda thing. Sebab, to some of you readers out there it may look like I'm a show-off in this entry. Padahal itu bukan niat sebenar saya. No, sir !

Hari ini I didn't know what to blog about. So yeah . . . draft yang entah apa-apa ini dichoose untuk diolah and dipublish. It is a personal entry of mine which I'm gonna keep it short and simple. To those yang nak read can go on. Those yang taknak ; feel free to baca-baca my other entries :)

What does Yuda Di Padang Maya, Voucher KFC and TopUp RM 30 has in connection ? Anda tak tahu kan ? The connection between the three of it is . . . I menang all those from participating in contests. And coincidentally semua menang for second place.

Yuda Di Padang Maya is a book yang ditulis oleh Xarine. And it is the book yang I menang when I participated in the contest - 'Siapa Baca Novel, Naik Atas'. I've only read six chapters so far and I find the book quite good. Now I hanya terpaksa wait for free time so that I boleh concentrate on the book. Of course, I'll do a book review of it. InsyaAllah.

Voucher KFC/Pizza Hut/Ayamas RM 10 and TopUp RM 30 pula ialah the prize I won for Contest Terjah Eyriqazz @ Great Teacher Onizuka. Initially the RM 30 sepatutnya di bank-in-kan to my bank account. Tapi, I don't have an account for myself, just yet. Boohoo ! Budak umur 21 tahun, still takde bank account. Apa kejadahnya ? Haha ! But anyways, Eyriqazz was kind enough to send it by the means of topping up. Thanq Eyriq !

I learnt one thing after winning these contests. Tak semestinya you will win a certain contest kalau you join. You have to accept the fact that, there are times you'll lose and times you'll win. I pernah mengalami both sides already. I didn't make it into Project Alpha Week 5. Boohoo !


Khairi said...

COngratulationss!! :)

nnt promot novel tu ya hehe

Hasrol Nizam said...

tahniah la biarpun 2nd place kan..

ParkAir said...

best2.. tapi aku sangat malas nk baca novel skarang. btw layout baru ni chantekk..

Aidi-Safuan said...

haha...tapi i slalu kalah kalau masok kontest. so how? :p